What is Counselling?

Everyone can be challenged or go through difficult circumstances in their life.

At times we may feel anxious, depressed, experience a great sadness or suffer from a major loss.

A counselling session provides an ideal setting for people to talk about their deepest feelings and struggles.

I will provide guidance, advice, and support in your journey to health and healing. We’ll work together to find ways to grow and heal, and you’ll be able to trust me to support you in every way.

Charlotte Jane Blake MBACP

Diploma in Humanistic Integrative counselling 

You deserve to feel great. I’m here to help. Are you experiencing isolation, loss, low self esteem. anxiety, depression? Finding the right counsellor who you can feel comfortable with is important. I am warm and non-judgemental. I aim to provide an empathic, kind and safe space for you to explore your life, thoughts and feelings to help alleviate difficulties that you may be experiencing. 

Areas Of Expertise

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Stress, Anxiety and depression can leave you unable to fulfil what you want to do in life. You may feel low on energy and self esteem. I would like to help.

I am interested in Polyvagal Theory (Porges, Stephen W. (October 2001). “The polyvagal theory: phylogenetic substrates of a social nervous system”. Noticing when you feel anxiety may be the key to giving yourself compassion for how you feel. 


I have worked with end of life counselling and with families who have lost loved ones to cancer. Also with clients who have had treatment for cancer and have lost trust in their bodies.

You may have lost your job which may leaving you feeling without purpose. 


I have experience of working with trauma. I feel it is important to work at your pace exploring your experiences sensitively. 


How we relate to the people around us can sometime bring up painful difficulties. You may:

  • be the person everyone relies on
  • be thinking of divorce 
  • be struggling with a work colleague
  • have a difficult family dynamic
  • be finding someone close to you critical

I would be able to hear you from your perspective in a space you feel free to talk without judgement. 

My Approach

I am a Humanistic Integrative counsellor, meaning my style of counselling is client led. I believe you are the expert on yourself and you have the ability to grow, heal and reach your full potential. I would work along side you exploring life from your perspective, endeavouring to build a therapeutic relationship with you where you could feel comfortable and safe exploring your own thought, feelings and behaviours.

I have worked with clients from diverse backgrounds. Working with different ages, ethnicity, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic and religions backgrounds.

As a Humanistic integrative counselling I integrate theories from:

  • Transactional Analysis
  • Gestalt
  • Person Centred Counselling
  • Egan
  • Attachment theory

I continue regular training to enhance my skills and to keep in touch with new ideas.

My Training, Qualifications and Experience

  • Diploma in Humanistic Counselling. Course accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
  • Assist training (suicide prevention)
  • Trauma training
  • BACP online training

My experience is broad, working with adults from 18 – 83 years with a range of emotional difficulties including:


  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement /loss
  • Relationship problems and Divorce
  • Family issues
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Trauma
  • Work related issues
  • Diagnoses of serious illness
  • A desire to make changes in their life
To reassure you regarding my professional ethics – I abide by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) code of ethics. I am fully insured, DBS checked and registered with the Information Commissioner Office


Contact Me

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding my courses, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

common questions

I offer a free 50 minute telephone session for you to talk to me about what is happening for you. In that session I will let you know how I work. After that session you can chooses if you want to continue to work together. 

I am currently working over telephone and Zoom (a video conferencing application) so I can meet you wherever you are and at a time that is mutually agreeable. 

Our sessions would be 50 minutes and would normally be weekly or sometime every 2 weeks.

Yes you can at any time. I would endeavour to check in with you regularly to ask if you are finding the sessions helpful. If you feel that we have finished our work together then we would discuss finishing. It can be helpful to have an ending session to reflect on what journey you have been on but that would be totally up to you. 

Yes I do. I can book a counselling rooms in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and the would be subject to availability.

I offer 6 or 12 weeks fix sessions or open ended if required. Having fix sessions can add structure and an aim at the end of our sessions. Open ended session can be helpful when exploring traumatic experience so that we can work at your own pace and we can discuss this before and during our work together.